• Rofo® Batten

    • Available in 3 sizes – 35, 43 and 61
    • Imprinted Rofo Logo for Quality Identification (refer to the actual sample)
    • Use G 550 material
    • The Only Industrial Design have Copyright
    • M Pattern and the Folded Flanged provide additional Strengthen, Stiffness and User Friendly. (Tested Stronger – refer to our Brochure)
    • Dented Top Pin Point for Easy Self Drilling Screw Penetration.
    • Dimensional Accuracy and more…..
  • Rofo® Corrugated Zinc Sheet

    • Available in 34G, 32G and 28G
    • Able cut according to length, save the Length Lapping Cost
    • Eradicated the problem of leakage arising from length lapped.
  • Rofo® Fascia Board-R207

    • The Only In the market with 8″ Width for Fascia Board with Clip System
    • Improved dented to prevent Wavy Problem
    • Firmer to joint the clip
    • Improved Clip
  • Rofo® Kingtile

    • With various significant technical improvement of beauty in 3D effect of Classical Roof Tile but lighter and well spanning ability.
    • Faster installations come with long run.
    • Lighter Weight save the structure member.
    • Improved Step Forming mould to make sure no damage or crack on the folded edge.
    • Bigger Half round Rib makes higher 3D Effect.
  • Rofo® Roofing Accessories

    • The Only Manufacturer in KK who produce until Size 12″
    • Various Sizes Range from 3″ to 12″
    • High Dimension and Grid Accuracy, and Squareness
    • Free Pre-punch Hole Service (3 Types) – Refer to Punch Hole Detail Form
    • Use High Tensile Material
    • Logo Imprinted at every Lipped Channel for Quality Identification
    • OM for other Factory in KK
  • Rofo® Roofing Accessories

    German technology folding system and up to 6m long per piece of ridge cappings, flashings etc can be manufactured with consistent angle, throat depth and thus reducing precision problem and number of laps.

    > Length Available Up To 6m
    > Less Edge Defect using folding system Varies Customize Dimension and Shape

  • Rofo® Round Capping 340

    Available In Standard Length: 8′, 12′, 16′ & 20′

  • Rofo® U-Channel

    Latest develop machine to produce varies dimension, from 2 1/2″ to 12″ (65mm to 300mm)

  • Rofocoor

    With 11 half round ribs design provide great rigidity in valley area and prevent dents or fixing problems especially on the thinner material.

    > Great rigidity with 11 ribs
    > Classical Style
    > Sectional Properties Permits wider frame spacing

  • Rofodek

    The high tensile and rigid profile design provide good support for wide span structural frame spacing, hence reduce structure cost. Fixing is simple pierce fastening method.

    > 5 Ribs
    > Cost Saving
    > Incorporate Bounced Rib and Anti Capillary Feature

  • Rofodek Curve

    • Variable Curvatures
    • Semi–Circular Tooling
    • Less Crimping Defect
    • Curved metal sheeting allow free innovation and creative design in metal architecture
  • Rofoline

    Rofoline mostly similar to our product Rofodek which have extra reinforced 5 ribs with greater strength and rigidity.

  • Rofospan 750

    Imprint Profile Name for Long Term Product Identification.

    Wider Effective Coverage, resulting to cost saving and reduce side lapping and clip usage.

    Rib & Clip locking features ensure strong grip to prevent wind uplift.


  • Rofospan 750

    Rofo® Span 750 metal roofing with 7 ribs supports.

    > Permits wider purlin spacing and use less fasteners.
    > This profile is suitable for Ceiling, Fascia, Cladding, and Roofing application

  • Rofotile

    • Elegant Appearance
    • Maintain the traditional Clay Tile roofing profile
    • Profile Excellence
    • Distinct Water Proof Feature
    • Improved Step Forming Process – No Press Defect on module and Accurate Module Length
    • Adjustable Module Length
    • ImprintedRofo tile wording for Identification
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