Water Storage & Waste Water Treatment

  • HDPE Pipe

    • Urban and rural water supply networks
    • Urban and rural sewage networks
    • Drainage networks
    • Fluid systems and industrial sewage
    • Pressurized irrigation systems (Drip and sprinkler irrigation system)
    • Moving irrigation systems
    • Telecommunication cable coverings / optical fiber coverings
    • Power cable covering
    • Metal pipe covering
    • Ventilation channels
  • HDPE Septic Tank

    Polyethylene (Plastic) Septic Tanks are designed and manufactured with rigorous quality controls to meet wastewater treatment system standards.

    Check out our patented Bio-Ball that is a highly effective bio media for anaerobic bacteria. See how  our septic tank is stronger, easier to install and less costly than old-fashioned concrete septic tanks – yet they still offer the quality construction and safety you expect.

  • HDPE Spiral Culvert/Sewer Pipe

    Results show that forward-thinking municipalities are realizing the future of the storm water management relies on the best technology. HDPE corrugated pipe is manufactured from the highest quality materials and is the most technologically advanced product available to move storm water and wastewater.

  • HDPE Water Tank

    Choose from a wide range of colours, sizes and styles to meet your taste. Our poly water tank sizes range from 450L to  45,000L, and are made from food-grade polyethylene to comply Malaysian tank standards.

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