• Anti-Climb & Anti-Cut


    • Walkway Security Fencing
    • Airport Security Fencing
    • Sub-Station Security Fencing
    • Prison Security Fencing
    • Factory Machine Guards
    • Bridge Anti-Climb Guarding & Guard Safety Screening
  • Barbed Wire

    • Inexpensive fence and can be used along with chain link fence with barb wire on top
    • Easy to construct – Requires only fence posts and wire
    • Suitable for industry, agriculture, animal husbandry and plantation
    • Widely used as a more economical way in protecting grass boundary
    • Available in 2 options (Galvanized steel wire or PVC coated galvanized steel wire)
  • Basic of Assembling Scaffolding

  • Cement Board

    Cement Board is suitable for ceiling and eave lining, partitions, gable ends, external wall cladding, panelling and other building applications.

  • Chain Link Fence

    PVC Coated Chain Link Fence & Galvanized Wire Chain Line Fence

    Application : Used as a barrier for lawn, railways,expressways.

  • Deformed Steel Bar

    TechniqueHot rolled

    Length: 12m

    ApplicationIndustrial, Building, Construction.

  • Door Frame Finger Joint

    A tapered or scarfed finger joint is the most common joint used to form long pieces of lumber from solid boards; the result is finger-jointed lumber.

    The finger joint can also be invaluable when fixing tables and  chairs and also can be used in such things as floor boards, timber roof and door construction. This is also used in design technology for students. Finger joints can be hard to make without the right tools.

  • Expanded Metal

    Expanded metal is stronger than an equivalent weight of wire mesh such as chicken wire because the material is flattened, allowing the metal to stay in one piece

    Application: Industrial, Building, Construction

  • Fire Resistant Doorset System – 1 Hour

    1 Hour Rated Fire Resistant

    > Sirim QAS International Malaysia approved by Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamatan Malaysia.
    > Tested and in compliance to MS 1073 : Part 3: 1996 (AMD. 1:2003)

  • Fire Resistant Doorset System – 2 Hours

    2 Hour Rated Fire Resistant

    > Sirim QAS International Malaysia approved by Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamatan Malaysia.
    > Tested and in compliance to MS 1073 : Part 3: 1996 (AMD. 1:2003)

  • Gabions

    Gabion boxes are made of heavy duty hexagonal wire nettings.

    Finish can be hot-dipped galvanized, galvanized aluminum alloy or PVC coated.

    Filled with rock or rubble to economically and effectively construct earth retaining walls and erosion control structures.

  • Galvanised Iron (GI) Sheet

    Width :4’ x 8’

    Application: Industrial, Building, Construction

  • Galvanised Iron (GI) Steel Pipe

    Unit Pipe Length: 6 meter

    Material : Galvanised Iron

    Application: Industrial, Building, Construction

  • HDPE Pipe

    • Urban and rural water supply networks
    • Urban and rural sewage networks
    • Drainage networks
    • Fluid systems and industrial sewage
    • Pressurized irrigation systems (Drip and sprinkler irrigation system)
    • Moving irrigation systems
    • Telecommunication cable coverings / optical fiber coverings
    • Power cable covering
    • Metal pipe covering
    • Ventilation channels
  • HDPE Septic Tank

    Polyethylene (Plastic) Septic Tanks are designed and manufactured with rigorous quality controls to meet wastewater treatment system standards.

    Check out our patented Bio-Ball that is a highly effective bio media for anaerobic bacteria. See how  our septic tank is stronger, easier to install and less costly than old-fashioned concrete septic tanks – yet they still offer the quality construction and safety you expect.

  • HDPE Spiral Culvert/Sewer Pipe

    Results show that forward-thinking municipalities are realizing the future of the storm water management relies on the best technology. HDPE corrugated pipe is manufactured from the highest quality materials and is the most technologically advanced product available to move storm water and wastewater.

  • HDPE Water Tank

    Choose from a wide range of colours, sizes and styles to meet your taste. Our poly water tank sizes range from 450L to  45,000L, and are made from food-grade polyethylene to comply Malaysian tank standards.

  • I Beam

    TechniqueHot rolled

    ApplicationIndustrial, Building, Construction.

  • Main Scaffolding

    New and used scaffolding

    Allowable load: 5 feet and 3 feet

  • MCI Baoma Paint

    Product Features:

    • Long-lasting
    • Washable
    • Fungus resistant
    • Good scrub resistance
  • MCI Benzi Paint

    MCI BENZi is an alkyd based anti-corrosive paint for interior and exterior ferrous metal substrates.

  • MCI Blue-I Paint

    Product Features:

    • Long-lasting
    • Washable
    • Fungus resistant
    • Good scrub resistance
  • MCI Roadline Paint

    MCI ROADLINE PAINT is a high performance alkyd modified thermoplastic road marking paint specially formulated for fast drying, good opacity, excellent durability and abrasion resistance. It is used as traffic line marking for safety purpose for concrete, bitumen and asphalt surfaces. It is suitable for both interior and exterior line marking such as car park bay, factory warehousing lot, traffic road etc.

  • Metal Door Frame

    Material: Aluzinc Sheet Thickness: 0.8m, 1.0mm, 1.1mm & 1.2mm

  • MS Angle Bar

    Technique: Hot rolled

    Length: 5.85m or 6m

    Application: Industrial, Building, Construction.

  • MS Black Pipe

    Unit Pipe Length: 5.85m or 6m

    Material : Mild Steel

    Application: Industrial, Building, Construction

  • MS Channel

    Technique: Hot rolled

    Application: Industrial, Building, Construction

  • MS Checkered Plate

    Size Dimensions: Plates of thickness sizes ranging between 3mm up to 12mm depending on material grades technical specifications.

  • MS Flat Bar

    Technique: Hot rolled

    Thickness: 3mm-16mm

    Application: Industrial, Building, Construction.

  • MS Plate

    Technique: Hot rolled

    Thickness: 1.5mm-18mm

    Application: Industrial, Building, Construction.

  • MS Rectangular Tube & MS Square Tube

    Thickness: 1.2mm-6mm

    Application: Industrial, Building, Construction.

  • OT Wood

    OT Wood is a high demand in producing a various types of furniture, flooring system, construction materials, railways and many more.

  • PE Sheet

    Polyethylene sheets or commonly known as P.E. Films are widely used in construction industries as water proofing material or permanent weather barrier. These films are normally translucent, and sometimes made opaque with the use of additive.

    Size: 6 feet x 0.125mm

    Weight : 3.5kg / roll

  • Plywood

    WBP (Weather & Boil Proof) Using Water Resistant Adhesive – this type of plywood is suitable for both interior and exterior use.

  • Plywood Door

    • Plywood flush door
    • Water proof flush door
  • PVC Pipe

    Material: PVC

    Color: Grey

    Size range: 1/2″ to 8″

  • Razor Barbed Wire

    High Security Protecting:

    • Concerting Barbed Tape (CBT), Barbed Tape Obstacle (BTO)
    • Standard materials are either hot – dipped galvanized or stainless steel
  • Rofo® Batten

    • Available in 3 sizes – 35, 43 and 61
    • Imprinted Rofo Logo for Quality Identification (refer to the actual sample)
    • Use G 550 material
    • The Only Industrial Design have Copyright
    • M Pattern and the Folded Flanged provide additional Strengthen, Stiffness and User Friendly. (Tested Stronger – refer to our Brochure)
    • Dented Top Pin Point for Easy Self Drilling Screw Penetration.
    • Dimensional Accuracy and more…..
  • Rofo® Corrugated Zinc Sheet

    • Available in 34G, 32G and 28G
    • Able cut according to length, save the Length Lapping Cost
    • Eradicated the problem of leakage arising from length lapped.
  • Rofo® Fascia Board-R207

    • The Only In the market with 8″ Width for Fascia Board with Clip System
    • Improved dented to prevent Wavy Problem
    • Firmer to joint the clip
    • Improved Clip
  • Rofo® Kingtile

    • With various significant technical improvement of beauty in 3D effect of Classical Roof Tile but lighter and well spanning ability.
    • Faster installations come with long run.
    • Lighter Weight save the structure member.
    • Improved Step Forming mould to make sure no damage or crack on the folded edge.
    • Bigger Half round Rib makes higher 3D Effect.
  • Rofo® Roofing Accessories

    • The Only Manufacturer in KK who produce until Size 12″
    • Various Sizes Range from 3″ to 12″
    • High Dimension and Grid Accuracy, and Squareness
    • Free Pre-punch Hole Service (3 Types) – Refer to Punch Hole Detail Form
    • Use High Tensile Material
    • Logo Imprinted at every Lipped Channel for Quality Identification
    • OM for other Factory in KK
  • Rofo® Roofing Accessories

    German technology folding system and up to 6m long per piece of ridge cappings, flashings etc can be manufactured with consistent angle, throat depth and thus reducing precision problem and number of laps.

    > Length Available Up To 6m
    > Less Edge Defect using folding system Varies Customize Dimension and Shape

  • Rofo® Round Capping 340

    Available In Standard Length: 8′, 12′, 16′ & 20′

  • Rofo® U-Channel

    Latest develop machine to produce varies dimension, from 2 1/2″ to 12″ (65mm to 300mm)

  • Rofocoor

    With 11 half round ribs design provide great rigidity in valley area and prevent dents or fixing problems especially on the thinner material.

    > Great rigidity with 11 ribs
    > Classical Style
    > Sectional Properties Permits wider frame spacing

  • Rofodek

    The high tensile and rigid profile design provide good support for wide span structural frame spacing, hence reduce structure cost. Fixing is simple pierce fastening method.

    > 5 Ribs
    > Cost Saving
    > Incorporate Bounced Rib and Anti Capillary Feature

  • Rofodek Curve

    • Variable Curvatures
    • Semi–Circular Tooling
    • Less Crimping Defect
    • Curved metal sheeting allow free innovation and creative design in metal architecture
  • Rofoline

    Rofoline mostly similar to our product Rofodek which have extra reinforced 5 ribs with greater strength and rigidity.

  • Rofospan 750

    Imprint Profile Name for Long Term Product Identification.

    Wider Effective Coverage, resulting to cost saving and reduce side lapping and clip usage.

    Rib & Clip locking features ensure strong grip to prevent wind uplift.


  • Rofospan 750

    Rofo® Span 750 metal roofing with 7 ribs supports.

    > Permits wider purlin spacing and use less fasteners.
    > This profile is suitable for Ceiling, Fascia, Cladding, and Roofing application

  • Rofotile

    • Elegant Appearance
    • Maintain the traditional Clay Tile roofing profile
    • Profile Excellence
    • Distinct Water Proof Feature
    • Improved Step Forming Process – No Press Defect on module and Accurate Module Length
    • Adjustable Module Length
    • ImprintedRofo tile wording for Identification
  • Solid Door

    Solid timber decorative door is specified for a wide range of applications including:

    • Houses
    • High-rise apartments
    • Hotels
    • Offices
    • Hospitals
    • Schools
    • Factories
    • Warehouse
  • Steel Fabric Reinforcement Mesh (BRC)

    Steel reinforcement fabric (BRC) are mainly used for reinforcing concrete (floors, roads, slabs and etc).

  • UPVC Pipe

    Material: UPVC

    Color: White

    Size range: 1 1/4″ to 8″

  • Welded Wire Mesh Roll

    Welded Wire Mesh Roll is widely used in domestic and industrial applications. The rolled format makes it easy for transportation and save space. It can be used for window grilles, machinery guards, racking & storing for warehouse.

    Holes sizes: 50m x 50mm (2″x2″)

  • Welded Wire Mesh Sheet

    Welded Wire mesh sheets are supplied in panels with sheets of 6ft x 12ft ensuring excellent anti-corrosion properties.

    Holes sizes: 25 x 50mm (1″x2″)

  • Weldfence Heavy Galvanized – A Series

    Normal welded wire mesh with special edge treatment. Folding edge avoids hurt people by the tip of wire.


    Suitable for garden beautification, housing estate development, airport, school and etc.

  • Weldfence Heavy Galvanized – B Series

    Normal welded wire mesh with special edge treatment. Folding edge avoids hurt people by the tip of wire.


    Suitable for garden beautification, housing estate development, airport, school and etc.

  • Wire Nails

    Material Low Carbon Mild Steel Wire

    Size : 1″ – 6″

    Packing 20kg / Carton

  • Wire Rolls

    Plain Wire/ Straining Wire is a high strength steel line wire for tensioning and straining metal fences or chain link fencing.

    A fencing tensioning tool will be required to ensure the straining wire is tensioned as taut as possible.

    The wire rolls are available both in Galvanized wire (GI) and also PVC coated.

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